Friday, November 06, 2009

AR, MS and the Mayan Calendar, Future

Want to try your hand on some AR coding? Check the Open Source Augmented Reality library for iPhone development at Github.

NPR shows how to track tax dollars with AR.

ArsTechnica wanders about the actual possibility of an open smartphone.

Crave published shipment data of mobile phones from In-Stat.

Fortune gave Steve Jobs a 10-year commemorative plate.

Leaks Dept.: PC World got a hold of the "Courier" specs, the Microsoft Tablet. The software show the ideas that MS Research has been working on for a while now, guess they got a "go-to-market" deadline from Ballmer. The feature list might distract Apple for a while, but lets see which vision will become reality. And when.

Talking future check what Parc Place (yes, they are around) is up to in this article from the NYTimes showing what your phone might look like in a couple of years. Like getting help from Siri the virtual assistant.

Or SixthSense and the mix of digital data over analog surfaces with research from the M.I.T.

Mayan Calendar

Microsoft will stop supporting MSN Direct by 01/01/2012, the service that broadcasts FM radio signals with data for DirectBand enabled GPS devices. (via ArsTechnica).

Wired questions Blackberry's future.

Deep Space Dept: Quasars help Earth-based GPS satellites keep track of their position (Via MSNBC).

LBS Apps P.R. Dept: Loopt comes up with Pulse, its new strategy for LBS. A "local search engine", coupons & push service. Via TechCrunch (which has its own branded Loopt app).

Other LBS apps that have similar look & feel are Pocket Life and Centrl (photo).