Friday, February 22, 2008

Nokia: A company that knows where to go

And may take you for a ride with them. The new phones are including geotagging software (N78) and true + assisted GPS, plus the upload/sharing site Ovi acquired with Twango and to make it all possible providing their own A-GPS backbone implementation.

By providing its own infrastructure for location data, applications running on Nokia phones can obtain accurate location data anywhere in the World, even US without depending on the carriers benevolence to get data from an actual device.


Meanwhile, Motorola joins a technical forum to push the Enhanched GPS standard from Cambridge, UK based educational research & private groups collaboration effort.

Recent work with a research lab from Berkeley, CA GPS-equipped Nokia phones were used to identify traffic patterns using phones as sensors.

Standards Help

The problem about mobile implementation here is that US lacks and lags behind other countries and cultures that are currently leading the race.

Japan has gadgets that Americans can only dream about.

Europeans don't need to dream so much as that Nokia is feeding them with enough quality models. Like the N96 with the new Maps 2.0 for pedestrians and enough third party Symbian-developed software.

Even South America has more choices, models, services and opportunities than north-americans.

Location Gold

By holding to this piece of gold, the location data of a device; the carriers hold the whole location-based service industry from benefiting and expanding. It is crazyness.

Without enough critical mass to get location services started and having customers only from their own service to talk to, companies ahead of its times like Helio burn through more cash than this bubble is willing to spend.

Location data from devices (and application) should be made available for free. Be it CDMA or GSM.

What else out there?

But ARM-based Android phones will, right? Then you have all sort of arrangements for that piece of gold that location became.

Unless Microsoft decides to crash the party to ship their own Java-based models now that Danger's IP is theirs. But that doesn't seen to be the case.

Or maybe the new beautiful iPhone SDK generated apps will make everyone happy until the Elections.

Motorola may feed into the whole Linux Mobile movement and hopefully will.

And Nokia is also playing its card despite its reliance on Symbian. Trolltech wasn't bought for show only. Plus, Nokia thanks to this purchase becomes a member of LiMo, the Linux Mobile Foundation.

Back at the farm

Meanwhile, Nokia by offering the whole solution with real, useful devices and with infrastructure and software + map data to back it up will keep going with its dominance for some good years ahead.

At least, they (and you) know what business they are in.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

ModBook: Stylus driven Tablet Mac with GPS, Camera

The ModBook from Axiotron, uses Wacom-based touch screen technology. For about the price of a MacBookPro, cool gadget for geotagging (US & Canada currently).

gpsxd & gps2gex still make a good free choice on tracking apps.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Geotagging & Cameras

ATP releases a SD card writer with geotagging capabilities.

Or if you have enough cash, get the Nikon D300. [photo by Sam Obeid].

This Crave interview shows Canon’s viewpoint on GPS.

Nokia has a free Location Tagger for photo geocoding

GE will be launching a low-cost geotagging camera model sometime during Summer: the GE E1050g (via ThinkCamera)

Meanwhile from PMA, Geotate from Taiwan promises a cheap GPS camera, from CNET Asia.

To allow for these developments, British start-up Air working on breakthrough semiconductor technology lowering power consumption 100x for GPS chipsets in digital cameras (article).

Location: Privacy, Geotagging, Services

Want to send targeted location ads, alerts? Check for SquareLoop running on Sprint.

Would you take mobile ad’s?

AllPointsBlog talks about GPS-based Pizza Tracking through Papa Johns TrackMyPizza.

FindWhere buys Dutch-based Livecontacts (Navteq Global LBS Challenge finalist) customer base and platform. Available for Nokia phones, Symbian-based devices and uses GSM location.

Livecontacts allows you to pinpoint your location and find out what’s nearby.”

GPSed: “a real-time GPS trip tracking and social networking application for GPS, digital photography, and mobile users”.

For Nokia N95, 6110 Navigator, Blackberry 88×0 (Perl), 8310 (Curve) and portable Garmin, Magellans through GPX, PLT (?) and KML file formats.

Plus geocoding Windows-based utility Take’n'Pin to be uploaded to Flickr, Picasa and previewed on Google Maps.

Myrimis: “real-life location based social network” using Nanonavi software from Nanomatic (too many brands, confusing story).

SunsetGPSLogger from Vodaphone R&D: "Requires Windows Mobile 5/6-based Smartphone/Pocket PC and any Bluetooth/built-in GPS receiver, .NET Compact Framework 2.0 runtime and above."

E911 Privacy Concerns: CNet touches the subject in a clear and precise way. It is a legal matter now.