Sunday, May 18, 2008

Where, Android LBS, Geo API’s

Location-based apps shine among the 50 Android apps picked as finalists (slide show pdf). Photo by Zack Klein.

Meanwhile, Verizon picks Limo and MobileCrunch show the differences between Limo and Android.

Talking Google, now Real Estate info on Google Maps.

Yahoo launches Internet Location Platform. Via APB, with Google's Ed Parsons take on Yahoo WOEID (Where On Earth ID).

Where 2.0

John McKerrell blogged the conference and also a bit of WhereCamp 2008.

His coverage from Where 2.0 includes a talk from Dan Catt about geotagged photos.

Dan's blog: GeoBloggers also explains Yahoo's WOEID, and his work with geotagging at Flickr including a slideshow of the Where presentation.

Where was also covered at APB and Radar.

Among the news Ublip, a tracking platform and Veriplace, a Location API with privacy concerns.

Dash API

Dash Opens its API, Via Programmable Web, Webware

Webware also put together a lazy list of Geo Sites.

Blackberry users with Garmin Mobile for life.

Butterfly GPS DIY project. Via Make

Boeing loses GPS contract for Lockheed Martin.

PC Mag covers Geotagging Gadgets.

Apple Patents Speculations by ArsTechnica, PhonesReview and IntoMobile.

Geotagging at Ovi's upload site from Nokia which launches the first compass phone.

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