Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lightpole, Open GPS Tracker, TellMe

Got a Helio Mysto? Try checking for movies at Fandango's with MS TellMe. Works with GPS-equipped Blackberries too. (Via PC Mag and Washington Post)

iPhone users can try Geopedia. New drop of the SDK posted during the week.

Ogleearth listed a series of sites that publish/map GPS tracks among them GPSies.

Curious about what's inside a Garmin nuvi 750? Check EETimes "Under The Hood".

Make pointing to an Open GPS Tracker:

[BTW, Maker Faire is this weekend.]

Parallel Kingdom, GPS-based RPG game coming up for iPhone and Android phones.

Among the startup's announced during Web 2.0 check the Location Based Social Network BrightKit and the concept behind Elkin (via Wired).

Lightpole shining its light along the week: VentureBeat, CNET

Nokia has a free beta geotagging software available for download: Location Tagger.

[Update] Second Galileo satellite launched.

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