Thursday, March 27, 2008

Travelogue: iPhone SDK & Cocoa Touch

I have to say that Steve Jobs had its vision (with its meaning as large as a full moon) the day he entered Xerox Parc's Place sometime back in the 80's (79 in fact).

You know beauty when you see it.

He got a hold of that creative hippie energy floating in the air and like a grown-up Harry Potter made beauty and truth come together in pure reality. He is a visionary that as Wired published recently can push people enough to turn those visions, truth.

Jobs is capable to translate what everyone is hardly wishing (and therefore imagining) into a single piece of touchable reality. (Photo by Roman Lily).

Parc Place

What amazes me is the beauty of seeing Cocoa, OOP, MVC, Event Handling, Model/View bindings through the Observer/Observed pattern (KVC, KVO) all in a single & same place, platform.

Until now you had one or other aspect implemented in a different platform without giving you the whole picture. Ever.

A Mac running NextStep is what Jobs saw at Xerox.

He built on it and you can see that by looking at the way Cocoa Frameworks are put together.

The language is clean, clear. Get used to the NS and go ahead delving into the code.

Java brought a lot of that class, beauty to fruition. But the Mac puts the experience in a unique context.

It is all in one single, same box.

Flawless Not

BTW, not saying that the Mac is flawless.

Everyone & everything has its flaws, don't want to sound "too rosy".

It is just that beauty (com'on, it IS a piece of beauty - an expensive one) does help put you in a positive, constructive, creative mood.

Even the logo, it seems... But I'm only reminding you of the obvious, pure common sense.

Interface Builder

Apple released a new version of the SDK today. It includes a new version of Interface Builder, a drag & drop user interface design tool that will certainly make development simpler and faster. (Those Barbarians getting their way...).

Check the Release Notes, full complete support for UIKit views and controls didn't make for this rev.

But you can as a basic starting point, create Views, drag and drop controls and run the simulator. This sample is a good starting point.

From here

Did you check the introductory videos? Look at least the "iPhone OS Programming Guide" and the "Cocoa Fundamentals Guide".

Finally, get used to the Smalltalk-ish implementation of the C syntax. To say the least, it is cute.

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