Friday, February 08, 2008

Location: Privacy, Geotagging, Services

Want to send targeted location ads, alerts? Check for SquareLoop running on Sprint.

Would you take mobile ad’s?

AllPointsBlog talks about GPS-based Pizza Tracking through Papa Johns TrackMyPizza.

FindWhere buys Dutch-based Livecontacts (Navteq Global LBS Challenge finalist) customer base and platform. Available for Nokia phones, Symbian-based devices and uses GSM location.

Livecontacts allows you to pinpoint your location and find out what’s nearby.”

GPSed: “a real-time GPS trip tracking and social networking application for GPS, digital photography, and mobile users”.

For Nokia N95, 6110 Navigator, Blackberry 88×0 (Perl), 8310 (Curve) and portable Garmin, Magellans through GPX, PLT (?) and KML file formats.

Plus geocoding Windows-based utility Take’n'Pin to be uploaded to Flickr, Picasa and previewed on Google Maps.

Myrimis: “real-life location based social network” using Nanonavi software from Nanomatic (too many brands, confusing story).

SunsetGPSLogger from Vodaphone R&D: "Requires Windows Mobile 5/6-based Smartphone/Pocket PC and any Bluetooth/built-in GPS receiver, .NET Compact Framework 2.0 runtime and above."

E911 Privacy Concerns: CNet touches the subject in a clear and precise way. It is a legal matter now.

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