Thursday, December 27, 2007

LBS definitely happening in 2008

From The Island: Quoting the Economist, the idea will happen by

"linking the virtual communities [..] with the real world"
In a recent issue it talks about Bluetooth tagging, if you are 20 meters or closer you are it. Meanwhile, BBC reviews Social Networks.

In U.S. TeleNav launches a mobile app for Facebook. And TeleAtlas LBS Innovators divulge its finalists: JotYou, SmartAgent and Socialight.

Finally, if you didn't get it yet read again: users (will) make the content in the future of mapping.

Talking maps, the old brand Fugawi tries new waters with Fugawi Touratel, a Where-based Widget. Via InformationWeek.

Nokia also makes widgets available for its phones, but no LBS support yet.

And Farcast offers a free mobile blogging service which takes GPS coordinates of photos, text and videos. Via IntoMobile.

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