Thursday, November 08, 2007

GPS Data, Privacy, Choice

NYTimes on Privacy: "These phones can find you"

Do you want to broadcast your location?
ITWeek talks about FireEagle from Yahoo (still in alpha)

Ticket fought with GPS evidence. [Update: But judge didn't take it.]

Meanwhile, GPS chips on cell phones ramping up, via EETimes on a heated up market according to manufactures.

And TruePosition study discovers what users want from LBS.


Patrick said...

I hope the kid gets the ticket. The speed limit that he claims he was doing was only a 'sampling' and is no proof that he was doing the speed limit at the exact time the officer caught him speeding. Nice try, but not conclusive.

gpsguy said...

Not sure how old he is but if you ask me kids shouldn't be driving so early anyway: giving them a car when the hormone rage starts makes no sense.