Thursday, November 08, 2007

DIY: Open Source Phones, GPS Loggers, Virtual BIOS

Trolltech announced the decision to stop development of its Greenphone (CNet, Slashdot).

OpenMoko is the game now which has a partnership with the same TrollTech.


New Lego-like kit for GPS equipped DIY hardware. ARM11 based from Bug Labs. Via LinuxDevices.

Elektor published an expensive GPS/GSM tracking project

And Hack a day keeps hacking... Build a GPS/Glonass receiver, GPS loggers, trackers...

Virtual BIOS

Major Development from where you would never expect: Phoenix BIOS is bringing virtualization to hardware so you can open your notebook and count to four before hitting the first key.

The idea behind "HyperSpace" is to virtualize the booting process by storing memory images and loading them up so you can choose which OS to use.

Takahashi describes at the Mercury News how Phoenix will provide this mechanism for new PC's as soon as 2008.

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