Thursday, November 08, 2007

Cracking the Carrier Lockdown

Mobile phones are getting an evolutionary jolt these last weeks thanks to:

  • customer response to the materialization of their gadget desires with the iPhone (and Nokia's N95);
  • the realization that carriers can't lock down the mobile platform forever and
  • the possibility of open source-ness through Linux-based alliances thanks to a well-orchestrated PR by Google.
And don't fool yourself: the main goal behind all of this show from Google is to allow you to see localized ad's on the screen of your cell phone.

Talking Google, their LBS API's win the hearts and minds of developers despite all the smoke and mirrors.

Android: The New Borg

Some dots to consider with Android. It was developed by Andy Rubin which created what became the SideKick at Danger. It runs its own version of Java.

But next week is around the corner, so let's wait to see what this thing actually looks like.

In the same vein, Wired, NYTimes and Slashdot hammered carriers and their crippling practices.

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