Friday, October 19, 2007

USGS delivers GeoPDF

Check the new "Map Locator and Downloader" at the USGS Online Store.

You will find a new Topo button added to the regular Google Maps satellite/hybrid/map options. First put a marker on some place in an area you want a map from. Then click the marker to get information about maps covering the area.

GeoPDF's can be seen directly on Preview, but not sure it will take an extension like GeoPDF. Last I tried the GeoPDF plugin for Acrobat under Windows got bugs from all sides. Better now hopefully. The advantage is that with the plugin you can pinpoint latitude/longitudes with the mouse pointer.

Other map stories...

OpenStreetMap for iPhones may be down but it was a post on how to make use of the free map database. Meanwhile check the news from that side of the Atlantic.

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NYC Subway system layer over Google Maps Hack.

Cool example of a real estate mashup.

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