Sunday, October 21, 2007

News Worthy: Dash, Nokia, Samsung

Dash is coming out to say what it is about: if you got wireless during traffic you can have your own RSS feed and it might even help you avoid... traffic. [Update: In fact, here is the secret for wireless connectivity. It is called Jasper Wireless].

At the NYT and Wired.
Nokia launched the N810, the third version of its tablet-like device which now includes an embedded GPS receiver. You can Maemo Maps on its Linux-based OS which Doc Searls and Jim Thompson talked about (running on a previous model) couple of issues ago at Linux Journal.

GPSWorld talks about Samsung entering the GPS phone arena. Among the features of its i550 the article says that:

"Samsung did reveal that the i550 will feature voice-activated turn-by-turn guidance. The phone will also feature a pedestrian mode with specific directions tailored to walking speeds."

and that

"some observers are holding up the i550 as a competitor to the Nokia N95, Symbian, it is noteworthy that the S60 interface is developed primarily by Nokia and licensed for use to other companies, including Samsung."

iPhone copycat? Check the HTC Touch

Groundbreaking chip technology: pressure sensing GPS receivers from NemeriX in partnership with Bosch, via GPSLodge

Successful launch of a new GPS satellite.

And it is never enough to say Play Safe as in "Five tips for first time GPS Navigation users" via Navigadget.

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