Monday, June 04, 2007

bliin: mobile blogging ahead

Take pictures with your cell phone while geotagging them with the respective GPS coordinates. Upload for sharing with text, sounds and videos. If you got the compatible Nokia or Sony-Ericson model you can try it right now with Bliin.

Bliin uses the GeoTracing framework, covered in another post. Register & download a J2ME midlet to your phone or MacOSX and Windows desktops clients with Bluetooth GPS.

You can upload and share photos with the phone clients but not the desktop versions. In fact, the sharing, made through and most of the features will "come soon", the whole package is going through a public beta.

Blogs Mashup

After you upload your photos you can visualize them in a Google Maps screen (satellite, maps, hybrid) with a cool widget from zooming in/out, toggling map types and accessing your own stuff.

Bliin will show your location in a world map at the website along with other users and photos at their corresponding locations.

The phone client has a radar view that displays who's around within a given range to feed into the social networking take.

MacOSX Client

If you want to try the Mac client first create an account at the website

It asks for your Bluetooth GPS. Turn Bluetooth on if it isn't, search for the device and pair it up (you might need the passkey).

If you don't have one around, check Semsons for Bluetooth models (pick one with Sirf Start III GPS chipset).

Bliin now sits at the menu bar as a task item.

If the color at the center is red it couldn't login to the server.
Blinking green, GPS is working fine.

Check the PDF with more info on the color scheme.

The only thing that will happen is that you will be able to see your current location in the map.


For desktop usage because of the lack of support for photo (or text, sound) upload the package isn't quite there just yet.

But if the target public are users of mobile phones which might take precedence in the implementation of feature set bliin promises a good punch (and you can upload photos right now).

First at Mashable.

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