Thursday, May 17, 2007

Widgets/Social Networks: uLocate, GyPSii

uLocate raised more cash according to VentureBeat. Its widgets Where, are behind Ask Mobile GPS,, MapQuest FindMe and a mapping app for the Blackberries, KMaps . Used also in another photo uploader GeoSnapper for phones equipped with true GPS as the Motorola i860.

Reuters (note archived=false in the URL) covers the future use of GPS phones by social networks and gives good news from Sam Critchley (from A2B) and Dan Harple who sold GyPSii to Benefon. Congrats! First at mocoNews.

And to add another piece to this puzzle check the nice introduction of the moment's fad at Twitter 101: a good intro and summary with ideas and perspectives plus a comment that shots the whole thing down.

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