Thursday, May 17, 2007

Teardown slideshow: Celestron Skyscout

If you want to take a peek inside a Skyscout from Celestron with its GPS, compass (magnetometer by Honeywell + accelerometer from Analog Devices) head to EETimes' TearDown for a freebie.

Click the red On Demand button (buggy on Firefox, works in IE + RealAudio) and register for a 15 or so minutes long video (slides with narration) by David Carey from TearDown. Parts list included.

Guts of a Prius

EETimes publisher CMP, just put out the second issue of 'Under The Hood" showing (besides the Skyscout) the guts of a Toyota Prius, a Blackberry 8100 Pearl, the Sony game controller and a bunch of other toys.

A good point made at the Skyscout presentation is the fact that Freescale doesn't produce the MG4100A anymore. Guess Motorola sold that IP to Sirf at some point.

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