Sunday, May 13, 2007

News week: PNDs, A-GPS

Are Brits prone to follow gadgets blindly? Perhaps because lots of them are now so much into navigation with satnav's.

Well, BBC reports on even dumber ideas for those not distracted enough or not multitasking at recommended levels. How do you call those little things used for testing new stuff... Guinea pigs?

In fact, it seems that these gadgets are dropping the resale price of used cars.

But if you are still looking for a deal, check this list of under $200 models.

SFGate had an interesting article on the time it takes for updates to trickle down into these devices and online map services.

Here a video with some of TomTom's history.

Handhelds, Mobile Phones

According to EETimes, US Census Bureau will use custom handhelds manufactured by HTC equipped with GPS in its next Census.

Helio Ocean is now available.

Nokia promoting a Road To China.

IAC (Ask Mobile owner) announces "Ask Mobile GPS". For Sprint customers using WaveMarket LBS technology.

And this time Sprint got it right.

Google Maps Mobile in UK (Nokia N95) Video on Reuters, article by The Register. It includes local search, UK-based and Vodafone phones will have it preloaded.

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