Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Landscaping, Locals, Tags

Some synchronicity on this one: spent sometime looking up stitching packages and ran into a local artist. Today I find an article on Digital Urban about the same sort of tooling but for the Nokia N95.

You are It

In other parts, (Vegas to be specific or Venetian Hotel to be even more) MEDC 2007 in on its way and Daniel Wagner in a research on Augmented Reality is showing SignPost2007, a Windows Mobile version of his project .

The Windows version evolved quite a bit since his early prototypes in a research project born at the Graz University.

SignPost uses a lower resolution version of tags similar to the QuickResponse codes used in Japan. The low-res encoding provides less combinations but it should be certainly faster to read/process.

The library used to prototype the "computer vision tracking" to read these tags AR Toolkit Plus is available for download.

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