Wednesday, May 30, 2007

iPhone, uLocate: Toolbox for Your Content

When a huge wave is coming your way, better duck. Bet solar flares are taking us for a ride this week...

Plus shipping and blogging hardly go hand in hand. Unless you are writing docs I would imagine...

I don't know if this has to do with reading news from feeds but the amount of significative events in the last 72 hours has been quite overwhelming. Where 2.0, JobsGates...

Outside the Matrix

Filtering out most of it I would stick to these pearls for now:

From Jobs at D5 answering about Apple's marketshare:

"Personally, I find it absurd that the marketshare is so low. Seriously. It confuses the hell out of me. It's like watching people fight to be in the Matrix."
Considering then that the fight among entrepreneurs seems to be one where it is being conceptualized what we, as customers want to buy and use. What lifestyle is there, how does it gadgetize itself.

GeoRSS Feeds + Maps

Piecing together the words from Walt Doyle CEO from uLocate now offering widgets with support for KML and GeoRSS from Manufacture you read:

"Mobile phone users will be able to view thousands of location feeds including local news wire stories, user-generated travel guides, local blogs, restaurant reviews, and virtual location notes."

Again from Jobs at D5 answering to Mossberg's question about "What will be on the pocket device of the future? Jobs answer: "I don't know. Five years ago, I wouldn't have predicted maps."

Local Reporting

Back to Where 2.0 is invitating developers: "We'd also like to push the developers and content creators attending the conference to think to the future of geo-located information, including open standard APIs that allow mobile users not only to subscribe to geo-located data, but modify it on the fly in the real world."

At the conference attendees would be able to watch "live demos of GeoRSS feeds being dynamically updated and visually displayed in the car will re-inforce the customer value of freeing geo-located information from the confines of the PC."

For now, following on Gizmodo posts and D5's transcript.

Soon mobile blogging, feeding for, and from anyone with enough cash to get their hands on this mythical gadget that is materializing ahead of a shared lifestyle dream, where you can report from your current location and upload your geotagged photos, recorded videos, mail and stories.

Or to get started right away, check Locoblog and its blogging package for Nokia mobile phones running JSR 179 (Bluetooth or embedded GPS). And for MovableType users, GeoPressMT plugin is available.

Being a local reporter with your own content. Feeding the news, being fed leads.

Check Andrew Turner's presentation on Where 2.0 for a good visual explanation.

What a week.

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