Monday, May 07, 2007

GPS, LBS, Maps: Mixed Bag News

Reuters wrote about a controversial plan that uses GPS (among others techniques) to track drivers in the Island. Via Engadget.

Yahoo Pipes now has GeoRSS support, so you can build a pipe to grab feeds based on their location.

Make found this post about a project that hooks up a Garmin eTrex to Nikon D200.

Geocaching still the best way to get someone started with GPS.

CNET reviews the Pharos GPS Phone 600e and doesn't like it. The 600e doesn't include navigation software (while the 600 does). Via SolSie.

Trust on Technology: New Zealand boaters also asked to keep their maps around.

TeleAtlas going 3D with its City Maps. From the PR:

"By leveraging Tele Atlas 3D city maps, developers can add recognizable building representations with excellent optical quality while maintaining a low volume of data.[...] This ability to present the highly detailed, true-to-life 3D models at exceptionally low data volumes was achieved through a new parametric texture technology developed by GTA Geoinformatik GmbH, a German company with extensive experience in 3D geo-referenced visualization and modelling."

: quick review of iGuidance and MS Streets and Trips by Warner Croker on GottaBeMobile.

EU is considering running the late in schedule Galileo Project.

US considering use of (A)GPS equipped cell phones to help track terrorist attacks.

Free Google Earth client: That's one of the FSF top priorities. Good one.

Emotional Maps of San Francisco. Or how to use GSR while strolling in the City.

2D barcodes used to help commuters in France by providing real-time traffic data

O'Reilly Where 2.0 is coming and bringing GeoCommons Launch.Via LBSZone

Interesting post on eating your own dogfood at MS Mobile Blog. It also shows how HTC is helping out with the development of Windows Mobile.

Programmable Web published a list of resources for developing mashups with Ruby including among them:

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