Saturday, April 28, 2007

Windows Mobile 5.0 and GPS-based development

Microsoft is killing the PPC 2003, obviously. I explain: to use GPS on a PPC now running WM 5.0 it is easier to use the API provided by them.

But, no access through a serial port no more. So, if someone develops code with this API, no way to run it on a PPC 2003. In fact, you might try if you find the gpsapi.dll around. And also bypass the install checks for OS requirements.

Or you find a way to extend this library to add serial port support (which is used by Bluetooth anyways).

Guess either you have a way to emulate it, which in the case of serial access is a bit hard or you move up to Mobile 5, or 6 (video on it available at MSDN/Channel 9), now that it is out anyway like in the just released Xda Terra. But in Germany, by O2.

BTW, all this triggered by the release of EveryTrail GPS Connector for Windows Mobile 5 users.

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