Tuesday, April 24, 2007

USGS EarthNow! Ride with Landsat 5 & 7

This is just awesome...

USGS made available EarthNow! A real-time viewer of the images collected by the Landsat satellites 5 and 7 (Java required).

These birds circle the Earth at 705 km of altitude (exosphere) and according to the FAQ they provide images with resolution of 30 meters (each image pixel corresponds to an area of about 250 square meters).

Replay of past flights are broadcasted to fill in for real-time data acquisition.

But chances are now that their servers will be handling out numbers for a waiting list so meanwhile go check the Earth As Art Collections and the Relief Maps of US States also made by them.

Amazing. Riding above the Earth during your lunch break. And for free. Guess Simonyi could've saved some of his money with it...

USGS... You rock!

First at AllPointsBlog.

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