Sunday, April 29, 2007

MTBGuru: Nisene Marks, Old San Jose Road Loop

Today I marked down another item from my someday I will do list. Nisene Marks Forest is a beautiful park and the weather was perfect. Friends of Santa Cruz Parks has good info on Nisene Marks and does good work to keep its trails.

I wanted to have data to use with MTBGuru and today was the day. I rode my bike for about 20 miles within the forest and then out of it through the Old San Jose Road.

The map below uses JavaScript code generated by MTBGuru (modified to adjust the size of the blog post) after I had the trip data uploaded.

MTBGuru has a pretty clean interface. You upload your .gpx file, pictures, grade it in someway, add a description and you are done.

The pictures don't require geocoding information on their Exif headers. You can synchronize the GPS data with the time the pictures were taken by adjusting them in the trip page itself.

The whole process took me less than 5 minutes, not counting the time I took to crop the photos. From the trip page you can download its corresponding .gpx file, or a KML version to load in Google Earth.

Kudos for MTBGuru and its use of Ajax for creating a nice experience with its easy of use and clean interface. You can get out of Beta now (in fact, real beta apps now have to be named something else at this point...).


MTBGuru said...

Thanks for the review!
Today we finally listened and ditched the beta.
Excellent blog btw (subscribed), keep up the good work.

gpsguy said...

Congrats! And thanks for the plug.