Friday, April 27, 2007

GPS News Week

MapQuest and OnStar are now working together to let you send driving directions straight to your car. Via TruckTrends.

Want to make some money testing your carrier wireless network performance? Then check InCode (a Verisign company) and its Wireless Barometer. You need a Symbian S60 or Windows Mobile (2003 or 5.0) phone with GPS. You will need to install software to help track the network throughput based on your location.

Tele Atlas announced the finalists of its LBS Innovators Series including among them 509 Inc, InterCasting, Locatrix, and Spark Parking.

Presentations by Kanwar Chada from Sirf (who also gave an interview to GPS World) and Frazier Miller from Yahoo's Local Search given at the Location Intelligence 2007 Conference are available at AllPointsBlog.

PNDs (Personal Navigation Devices) are now banned in Switzerland. Via TechnoRide, from PC Magazine.

Gizmodo interviewed Bill Plummer, Nokia's VP of Sales for Americas with questions about their GPS strategy and offers. Nothing really new there.

CNet tried Delphi Nav200 with traffic updates. And lots of talk on a SIM card by BlueSky that can provide A-GPS for old GSM phones. Not sure why all this buzz around it...

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