Wednesday, April 04, 2007

GPS in the Press

Wired (with a whole new L&F still in Beta) published an article on ShotSpotter, a company that is helping counties to track down criminals by combining a network of microphones, thermometers and GPS receivers. When a shot is fired, sensors will help track its location.

Remember SkyScout from Celestron? That cool gadget you can point to a star and know exactly what it is? Or take a guided tour around the sky. EE Times is showing what is inside it on a new TearDown now with its own title: Under The Hood. According to the article, SkyScout uses

"a PG4200 from Freescale [which] contains the GPS receiver (and an associated 256-kbyte Samsung SRAM memory) to receive coordinate information and a time stamp."

TruePosition which is known for its implementation of A-GPS services for GSM based phones has now a partnership with GPShopper offering companies a way to reach your cellphone with location-based ads. USA Today reported on teens being targeted by location-based SMS .GPShopper also offers Slifter, a search engine for mobile phones.

Political waters and not sure which one can be trusted but according to this blog, the GPS coordinates provided by the British MO were off. Just apologize, guys and take it easy. And there is obviously a lot more behind this story.

GPS-Enabled Robot?

Not in the press but at the Embedded Conference in San Jose if you are looking into kits that you could use to build your own location-aware robot, check the Parallax GPS Module which sells for $79.95 and can be used with Basic Stamp, SX and Propellers microcontrollers also distributed by Parallax.

And GigaOm reports that Helio the not a phone company MVNO, might be in trouble even with the new release of its Ocean device. That would be a pity, they got some pretty interesting GPS based apps, including Google Maps.

My Maps by Google

And talking about Google Maps check the new "My Maps" tab at You can now create your own maps and publish them by providing links to it. Check the steps here. With the new offer you can add placemarks, draw lines, and polygons.

Photos and video can also be added to placemarks as the use of HTML and Rich Text. You can also open the corresponding KML file if you have Google Earth installed.

First at GigaOm.

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