Wednesday, March 14, 2007

uLocate Widgets for AGPS phones

uLocate announced availability of Where , a markup language for widget scripting and a developer program for those interested in writing location based applications for some CDMA-based phone models offered by Sprint.

To run the widget hosting application on a phone you pay $2.99 a month. This is the same framework used to develop Buddy Beacon on the Helio phones.

Based on AGPS capabilities the built-in functions supported by uLocate's markup language include GpsStart, GpsStop, GpsSend (to send a given position) and Load to obtain among others values latitude, longitude, speed, heading and altitude. From the code examples:

function showMyLocation() {
var lat = load('pos_lat');
var lng = load('pos_lng');
document.mylocation.text='I am at ' + lat + ', ' + lng;
There is an equivalent set of variables that can be loaded with data obtained from cell towers triangulation.

The cool thing is that it makes things really easy for someone that wants to script widgets based on this platform. This will also make life easier for Sprint. Now they can just say go use uLocate's scripting.

Sites like PubWalk will be using Where.

A company that worked in the past with uLocate is Flagr which provides a way to flag locations online and through mobile phones.

First on GigaOm, Press Release.