Wednesday, March 14, 2007

GeoTracing: A GeoTagging Platform

If you are looking for a tracking, geotagging platform check GeoTracing and the applications developed with it. KeyWorx the underlying framework "has been under development at Waag Society for the last 5 years."

Waag Society is the same group behind the really cool Locative Media. GeoTracing is Open Source and headed by Just van den Broecke.

On a Mac running OSX and a Bluetooth GPS receiver you can run one of the applications developed with it. Grab a copy of GPSDoor and install it. Launch the app, configure the GPS receiver and if all goes well you will be able see your location on Google Maps (based on MeHere).

Create an account, login and you can then track yourself live using TraceLand, one of the apps that uses the framework.

You can also use a J2ME Midlet, Mobitracer on a Nokia phone with Bluetooth support to send your position to a server and log tracks. The application also allows photo uploads.

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