Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Open Phone: Tim Wu Exposes Carriers Lockdown

When I first tried to understand and use a cell phone it didn't make much sense to me that I had first to pick a carrier, a service and then a particular phone model.

That didn't make sense at all.

What if the phone model I wanted wasn't supported, accepted, certified or in whatever glorified form of restriction imposed by a given carrier regulated for use in my area?

I ended up getting an apparently more expensive but with no strings attached, pay-as-you-go service provided by Nextel (Boost Mobile) because I wanted to use their GPS (true one) models.

Tim Wu's paper ("Wireless Net Neutrality: Cellular Carterphone and Consumer choice in Mobile Broadband") puts this whole craziness in perspective with a blow of fresh air that exposes how far the telecomm industry went in its control over choice and innovation.

Tim exposes the lock down imposed by wireless carriers over the market. Finally a voice synthesizes the vital need of innovation in a market that had its growth and development blocked for way too long.

First on EETimes.

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