Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Rfid says Hi, MoSoSo

Five hundred feet away from a Billboard when you drive by it on your Mini Cooper (about US$22K with few optionals). You broadcast where you are and gets a Hi back.

Mososo translates to Mobile Social Software or connecting the dots. The implementation I would like to see had this scenario:

Tag yourself with the best shows, videos, songs, books, movies and the best match will trigger the corresponding songtrack while he, she goes by your side while you were dreaming on the street.

MoSoSo is about how to connect everybody that wants to connect. Check Wikipedia for a pretty up-to-date list of projects and implementations. [Update Feb/07: Among them the first runner Plazes which scored funding recently according to GigaOm.]

The article on the Mini appeared on the MercuryNews today.

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