Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year News

. Concrete Software is selling a GPS-enabled Poker game for US$9.99. With that you can find players around your current location. It works with Boost and Nextel compatible phones (true GPS not the Assisted type). From PocketGamer in UK.

. Just in time for the tech-oriented crowd you can get a GPS-enabled running shoe (or boot) from Issac Daniel its inventor. The online store is selling the running shoes for US$350 (available in February according to CBS News). The antenna sits at the bottom of the shoe and I wonder how it would work. For one you need to be outside with a clear view of the sky.

It runs of a battery that you can charge through an USB cable. It also has a "locate me" button and a GSM module that can send and receive data, including current location. The idea is keep location data in a central server and allow seniors, kids and other users to be found if necessary. From CBS News.

. In China, GPS will help track contaminated pigs so that they don't enter the food chain.

. Sad news from Australia where it seems that a hicker might've trusted his GPS more than his own navigational skills and fell off a cliff. But it might have been trickier that this.

But it might show that too much trust is being placed in technology. As in the online map directions, virtualization technology doesn't substitute your own ability to find a way and navigate to a given point in the real world.

. OpenTom, the Open Source version of TomTom software (which is Linux based) has stable builds of an OpenTom with a MP3 player. From Hackaday.

Happy 2007.

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