Wednesday, January 10, 2007

iPhone, GeoTagging & Loran

iPhone and CES, what a week. iPhone probably uses A-GPS (who cares) on GSM which doesn't have great precision in its raw form, for Google search shouldn't make a difference.

TomTom also announced that it will use GlobalLocate Hammerset GPS chipsets in its devices. From LBSZone.

Loran Shutdown? Reboot with eLoran

LORAN or Long-Range Navigation is a system "operated by the Coast Guard" that is looking into keeping it live or "develop a fully deployed enhanced Loran (eLoran) system that could serve as a GPS backup."

According to FCW, eLoran stations would

"... broadcast an additional data channel with as many as 16 messages including but not limited to station identification, absolute time, and early and differential correction messages, which improve accuracy, according to a Coast Guard fact sheet."

GPS Stolen? Look for it at eBay...

Geocoding Photos

Not quite CES but for geocoded photos and videos and layer creation for GIS applications look at the 8MPixel Ricoh 500SE with optional GPS. Includes Bluetooth for connectivity to an external NMEA compatible receiver.

You can buy it with an embedded GPS receiver for about $1,350 or without one for $1,250. Check this page at GeoSpatialExperts for more info on these models.

From DirectionsMag.

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