Monday, January 22, 2007

DIY Phone Business

OpenMoko is back with some hard dates for public release or at least targets. This includes specs showing that Globallocate and its AGPS support was the choice for FIC.

O’Reilly is putting out a Conference of the Emerging series on Telephony (Feb 27, 2007). There will be sessions for the Greenphone from Trolltech by Benoit Schillings and OpenMoko, plus Matt Hamrick from the MHC, more below.

O’Reilly also got a short work called NeoGeography by Andrew Turner available.

Matt is also hosting at the Mobile Homebrew Club its January meeting that will be happening this Wednesday, Jan 24th in Alameda, CA.

In other business David Carey dismantles the Blackberry Pearl and CNet publishes a good summary considering Galileo, compatibility and market requirements on the state of mobile navigation in Europe.

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