Wednesday, January 10, 2007

CES 2007: Soft news

Nokia Smart2Go from Gate5 AG redeployment in U.S. According to PCWorld Canada it will provide:

"free mapping and routing services to users and will also include a turn-by-turn navigation service for a fee [...] Smart2Go customers will use Wi-Fi or a direct connection to a PC to download maps to the phones."
Motorola seems to be putting out vapor for now and showing 3rd party software options through Jentro and Destinator (providers of GPS navigation software). First on EarthTimes.

Telenav live traffic info for mobile phones: US$10 a month for a subscription with free updates until July, $4 bucks more afterwards. According to InfoWorld the service will provide:
"warnings of slow-moving traffic and other obstacles, and the ability to calculate new routes on the fly to avoid problems."
Among the products where TeleNav's new service is available includes:
"The Dash Express and TeleNav Traffic will both use live traffic data supplied by Inrix and are destined for the U.S. market[...]"
You can also use their service as a subscriber of Sprint/Nextel using Motorola RAZR, KRZR and Sanyo Katana. Also interesting to notice how much work you need to "port" this type of application.

Navicore Personal will be available for Nokia N800 Internet Tablet. From PhoneContent.

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