Thursday, December 14, 2006

Telefono: Matt's Stacking Fault

The Silicon Valley Homebrew Mobile Phone Club just had its December meeting with presentations from Trolltech GreenPhone, Java ME, or J2ME Open Source and ideas like (if I got it right) sending RTP and SIP over the same VOIP stream. Check the Club's Wiki for more.

Matt's Hamrick the MC also contributed for the TuxPhone project with his MIT fellows. Wired covered the club and its DIY phone project most recently here and a while ago here. CNet and TMCNet also covered them.

D-Link seems to be interested in the idea too.

Homebrew Mobile Club Meeting

Last night at the TechShop you could fell as if inside a mythical Silicon Valley Garage. The pure potential for creation, making it true, real. They even got a 3D printer. Yes, 3D.

Like Surj says at this page of

"In the same way ['you brew your own (ale)'], we are building our own phones because we want to support user experiences different than those offered by the traditional carriers. Having an open platform allows us to control what features are included in the device. We hope that over time our efforts will 'inform' product decisions at commercial carriers."
From the same site you can grab the PCB drawing, parts list and code to help you put together your own TuxPhone.

And as Jim from Techshop socratically exposes at this stage of our techno gold rush, the ones providing Levi's might eventually get it.

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