Monday, December 11, 2006

Navigating with phones, Inside Gizmondo

BusinessWeek and GigaOm bring up the fact that using phones for navigation instead of dedicated PND's (Personal Navigation Devices) might get bigger than originally thought. You don't need map updates for one and it is easier to obtain traffic information for another.

Plus you can use it while using other transporation methods besides cars. For cars the idea is to listen to directions instead of looking at it, but if that is the case SmartPhones should provide a resolution and screen size that fits the bill.

And if you consider that you might pay about 10$ a month it is still cheaper than a dedicated device.

Electronic Engineering Times published a colletions of "teardown's" in Under The Hood including one of the defunct Gizmondo using "two-chip set from SiRF (#STGRF2i/LP and #GSP2e/LP)".

The same EETimes points out that Galileo is late.

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