Friday, December 15, 2006

GPS Week News

▪ GpsPassion published a short review of the Asus R2H UMPC running MS AutoRoute and IGuidance.

▪ Going to India? Check MapmyIndia with an Ajax-based interface for map directions. From LBS Zone.

Fry's is offering the Helio Drift for $99 (stores only). And the Disney Mobile GPS Phone for about $50 with mail-in rebates.

▪ Luca Passani from OpenWave tells Sys-Con that JavaME won't fly, Flash Lite will and that LBS isn't going places. [I don't buy it. Flash is picking up. Opening up Java will help. There are more than a billion phones running it out there. Beat that. And LBS needs less hype and more partners to fly, like Real Estate for one.]

▪ Forbes says that 4 times more GPS units will be found under Xmas trees this season.

Suunto GPS watch now does GoogleEarth with its Track Exporter package. From Gizmondo.

▪ More GPS travel guides this time for the Virgin Islands. Check PR pointed by Engadget.

▪ Companies presenting at the CES 2007 in Las Vegas (January 8 to 11) putting out their PR's like Dash Express and this too good to be true device. Plus lots of other PND's.

Keystone Ski Resort in Colorado giving out Garmins for guests to do geocaching.

iPointer making the news once more.

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