Saturday, December 30, 2006

ENUM: Korea can't wait

This one is major. It involves translating or mapping current phone numbers to IP addresses. DNS is involved and a single point of access or address for individuals, business, locations.

And this is where eLocation as pointed out by ZDNet Asia comes in. The idea includes a centralized POI database. And by providing a common address format (you#here) (and unfortunatelly patenting it), you can search for that location in a map engine.

If you want a domain you can then buy a year use for about $30. Like a DNS entry.

To post addresses in the POI database would cost you the same, for each datapoint.

It relates to the IETF RFC3761 about ENUM. Or Telephone Number Mapping. There is a ENUM API draft.

You have the same number for a website, email, fax and mobile. This is major. And Korea can't wait to show its progress. ePosition is a map search that accepts parameters as Try this for the location of ZDNet offices in Seoul. But keep your virus protection on.

Here is the site for the Australian ENUM Trial. Here the US page.
Schedules point to commercial operation for mid-2007. More on ENUM Trials here.

If you can read Korean you are in luck. Otherwise try the non-image pages with Systran or Babelfish at Altavista, or Google that uses the same engine. Just remember to pick Korean to English. Results vary.

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