Monday, November 27, 2006

Social Networks, Location Based IM

. Gizmodo is really enjoying the Helio they got over there. Check their review on Google Maps with Traffic info, the Buddy Beacon and Dodgeball.

. NewsFactor talks about Location based Chat/IM and mentions services like Meetro and RadiusIM that are leading the pack.

. BusinessWeek discovers "social networks" and maps out the technological fruits harvested from gadgets used by the Thumb Generation.

. The Twig from Benefon is making the news (this time at TechDigest) with its GPS phone and navigation software. Notice that the phone (and respective maps) is available currently only in UK, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Spain.

. Plus DirectionsMagazine summarizes where Location Services were headed to in 2006, including their coverage from the TeleAtlas Partners Conference.

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