Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Microsoft launched Virtual Earth with some noise pushing the envelope with full 3D views thanks to the newly acquired aerial photo business from Vexcel. Mercury News also lists the cities with coverage.

Navteq is buying Traffic.com for 179$ million in cash and stock.

TomTom lost the first round of its fight with Garmin in Europe:

"A District Court judge in The Hague, Netherlands, refused TomTom's request for a preliminary injunction blocking Garmin from selling six navigation devices".

Raytheon says that M-code signals are being picked up from the newest GPS satellite launched about a year ago. Those are militar level signals.
"M-code is a keystone of the advanced system. It is designed to be transmitted on both the satellite L1 and L2 bands and extends out to 24 Megahertz, compared to 20 MHz for the Y code."

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