Tuesday, November 07, 2006

OpenMoko: Open GPS Phone

Inquirer has an article on OpenMoko, an Open Source Linux phone equipped with GPS. If your carrier doesn't include the app you want, just go grab it in the repository. It is based on OpenEmbedded sucessor of OpenZaurus, so you already got a bunch of apps to try and use.

It mentions "Globallocator GPS" which sounds almost like the right company name Globallocate which works on the Assisted-GPS type. You will depend on the carrier A-GPS server to get location data.

The Neo1973 phone will be manufactured by FIC (First International Computer) and according to the article from LinuxDevices below:

"The first 'pilot run' of 500 Neo1973s (FIC-GTA001s) will arrive in mid-December"
and it should be publicly available for $350 (US?) January 2007.

Here the full PR and check the official website for announcements and screenshots.

More on this article at LinuxDevices which includes a slide presentation by Sean Moss-Pultz, FIC's Product Development Manager.

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