Sunday, November 19, 2006

November News

▪ Project Gaiwain combines Galileo and GNSS on a single UMTS receiver. According to its webpage the main idea behind the project is:

"the development of an integrated GNSS/UMTS receiver, which provides seamless indoor/outdoor navigation and communication capability, using GPS/Galileo and 3G/UMTS for mass market applications."
Providing a more flexible hardware architecture to support the multitude of "mobile communication standards (UMTS WCDMA, CDMA 2000, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, IS 95 etc.)".

According to the article at ElectronicsWeekly the project has working prototypes on "intelligent transport and ubiquitous tourism".

▪ Map reader beats live GPS directions:
Interesting contest by the British magazine Which?

▪ E-Ten G500
: One more Linux based phone to hack.

▪ Car Insurance: "Pay As You Drive":
Article at VNUNet describes a GPS tracking based insurance offer from Norwich Union in UK with technology provided by TrafficMaster and Smart421.

Besides signing your life away, wonder if you can really trust their billing system something that the UK Transit agency according to the same article is still weary about doing so due to the high amount of errors in the current offers.

▪ Lockheed Martin
: According to this news:
"The aerospace engineering and mechanics department [of the University of Minnesota] recently received a $50,000 grant from Lockheed Martin to research small, unmanned vehicles that use the Joint Precision Approach and Landing System, a GPS technology."
And the same Lockheed with Boeing and ITT launched GPS IIR-16/M3 [PRN15/SVN55, the 3rd replenishment modernized] satellite (photo US Air Force).

From UPI:
"Along with improved accuracy, the Block III design provides advanced security and anti-jamming capabilities that will ensure U.S. troops will have GPS service for navigation and precision-weapons in the heat of battle."
▪ Seeker Wireless

Seeker according to Geographically Challenged is coming out of stealth mode with improved location technology for GSM based phones. Check their SeekerZone product/service.

First at the TelematicsJournal

▪ Sprint and Microsoft collaborating

From WindowsForDevices

Sprint users will be able to "search, via Windows Live Search for Mobile, for location-based content from the Internet" and that "the service is immediately available at no additional cost to Sprint PCS Vision and Power Vision subscribers."

Also at the Unstrung.

▪ Planted News?

These bomb treats from geocaches come about like clockwork.
Keep up the fear factor? This time it shows up in Forbes (from AP) of all places...

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