Monday, November 13, 2006

Helio: Google Maps Mobile with GPS

This one shows at billboards along 6th Street in San Francisco. It did tickle my curiosity and here is the reason why. The Drift from Helio is the first phone that includes a free distribution of Google Maps Mobile with GPS support enabled.

Free for Helio users, a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) using Sprint, "a partnership between SK Telecom and Earthlink" according to MobileTracker.

So you will need to fork about $225 plus the $65 monthly fee for a free app. There is a model. And it targets a very specific demographics. According to InformationWeek's article:

"We're really looking at the social-networking crowd," Helio spokesman Rick Heineman said."
You will also get traffic reports, maps and directions plus the ability to broadcast your location to 25 other Helio subscribers.

Location-based ad's aren't part of the package, yet. At least on this side of the Pacific.

Engadget even bought a Drift just to check it out.

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