Monday, November 27, 2006

GPS Walks in Paris and Other News

. Digi-Guide has 29 GPS based walking tours of Paris that you can buy and download to a PocketPC.

. GeoVector got the attention of Japanese investors and $12 mi (in New Zealand dollars, about 8 mi and change in US dollars) to play with. From Stuff.

. FRWD from Finland is tackling the sports-based GPS field by making their products available for the holiday season. Check a review at GPSPassion.

. Hitachi launched Entier, a relational database that runs on 300Kbytes of an embedded device [from EETimes].

. Scientists concerned that warm weather might affect GPS satellites orbits. Also covered by National Geographic.

. According to CBS News, mountain tiger roaming Santa Monica Mountains that was tracked by GPS got killed by other cats.

. Dr. Dobbs publishes an article titled "Testing GPS Functionality on GMS Mobile Devices".

The author works at Aeroflex, an US-based company that produces communication protocols simulators including the 6103 AIME that now supports Assisted-GPS with a "14 channel L1 C/A L2C [GPS Satellite] Constellation Simulator".

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