Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Case for an Open Carrier

Looking up SourceForge for GPS related Open Source projects I noticed the word Defunct at Alexander Pruss' QJAE-Dummy Library. The idea of his library was to be able to compile code using Qualcomm Java Extensions API made available to access among other things, the GPS receiver in standalone mode.

You don't need to hit the Position Determination Servers that Sprint owns. And if you do, they are owning someone else money for the traffic. It is a pure economic reason it seems. Fair.

And Sprint even suggests the other side of the house, Nextel and their GPS platform. The phones have real GPS chips and their servers don't mind providing some useful fix information. Blackberry users might have the same luck if corporate illumination prevails.

Open PDE Server

But what about running an Open Source PDE Server? And an open protocol, published and capable of implemenation on current devices. Too far fetched?

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