Thursday, November 30, 2006

Backseat Playground and Some News

. A working prototype for

"a game [...] that enables kids/big kids travelling in the back seat of cars to enjoy a rich gaming experience where narrative episodes and embedded gameplay combine[d] with the experience of traveling through the road network"
has been completed successfully according to the research website. GeoBloggers went through the work of putting it all together here. Also at NewScientist.

. The 15-sec delay of the British Train door opening at Victoria Station.

. BusinessWeek and CNet lists the GPS Gadgets for the Season,

. Some thoughts on Surveillance, Privacy, Tracking by the NewStandardNews,

. Technology Review talks about technology developed by Sarnoff that combines computer vision with missing GPS data in urban canyon and field for militar and civil use.

. Epson offering new A-GPS chipset for W-CDMA2 phones according to Irish Dev.

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