Monday, October 02, 2006

Trimble Licences GPS Technology

Nokia announced an agreement with Trimble on patents. According to some this should help Nokia leverage negotiations on another set of licenses (from Qualcomm) expiring in 2007.

Trimble patents relate to location-based technology and Assisted GPS on WCDMA and GSM.

Thing is A-GPS techologies (and possibly patents) on CDMA are quite a different type of beast than those required by unsynchronized networks as GSM and W-CDMA.

The leverage it seems might then happen when Nokia starts licensing the technology (allowed per Trimble's agreement) to other, non-CDMA vendors.

AllSport GPS

Down to consumer level products, Trimble announced AllSports GPS a while ago.

The software runs on a range of true GPS and A-GPS models from Nextel (including Boost), Sprint and SouthernLINC.

The idea is to use Trimble Outdoors website and the software on the phone to "measure distance, time, speed, and calories", and then create routes with speed and elevation profile. You can keep workout data on the phone itself.

AllSports GPS works also with MotionBased sports training website.

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