Sunday, October 08, 2006

Real Estate gets LBS and more on satellite imagery can now show in metropolitan areas around the country the average market price of a house. Or you can check through your cell phone using SmarterAgent software.

Real Estate are the first to make use of LBS into their portfolio.

In a similar vein but with a lot more possibilities of data mashups is Neighboroo.

Earth Pics

Newsweek puts in perspective the digital imagery provider/consumer story. And look closely where it says that Microsoft bought Vexcel, maker of "top-of-the-line, 500-pound digital cameras used by aerial mappers".

BTW, what exactly is Microsoft business? In fact, it seems directed after Google, Vexcel has besides the cameras, 3D modeling software as SketchUp.

Across town A9 it seems is out of the blockview market, they closed shop. Not their business.

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