Monday, October 16, 2006

News Backlog

Business Week published a report on Location based technologies which translates mostly into how RFID is being used with one section on tracking truck cargo and another pointing out that Europe is ahead of the game.

Anick Jesdanun from AP reported on sport gadgets by comparing Timex BodyLink, Garmin ForeRunner 305 and the GPS-less Nike/iPod bundle. Anick liked Timex better.

EETimes has been talking about GPS integration for GSM phones recently including mentions of NXP Semiconductors (Philips), Sirf, Zoran's Approach 5C and TruePosition.

Rand McNally is remaking itself while celebrating 150 years with its own GPS Navigator device plus new online offers for teachers among its new products.

MIT's TechReview had an article on GPS for small planes after the recent accident in Manhattan. FAA has a working standard proposal

"[...] called Automatic Dependant Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) that would allow the GPS data to be broadcast and received by air-traffic controllers."
Comments pointed out that implementation might take longer than the author seems to indicate. Check the FAA ADS-B website for more.

Trying to get your J2ME app to compile in the Sprint SDK without the required GPS classes? Alexander Pruss put together a set of dummy classes that you can use now to get past that. But you'll still need to hit their PDE servers to get position data.

If you want to use a Palm Treo for tracking check this implementation suggested at the OpenDMTP website.

Engadget published a while ago a good recipe on how to make your own annotated multimedia Google Map with GPS data.

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