Sunday, October 29, 2006


A bit out of topic but let just say that I'm washing hands tonight:

Poor States of Brasil gave Lula another four years of resource sharing in the Presidency. Lula had the nerve to celebrate in Paulista Ave. The heart of Sao Paulo.

Don't take me wrong. But for a Paulista this is a slap in the face. We are all about real sharing but we are not stupid or blind or easy to fool.

So to watch a new mix of Fidel and Saddam Hussein celebrate his win in a State that could do a lot better without any of the others (this was a thought in 1932 that caused what is celebrated as "Revolucao Constituicionalista") is a bit much.

Look at the numbers and see clearly where are the States that serve the Federal Union and how they voted for Social Democrat Geraldo Alckmin, and those who feed from it voted Lula. It is easy to see which States carry the Union on their backs.

Minas Gerais being the only exception on this rule, and the one State that could have made a difference. Acre was a close call and Rio is a lost case. Cariocas have to go where Globo tells them to. It is the current fad. (Who knows what troubles Getulio and Dom Pedro might still be causing to that City.)

And Globo is the one TV channel that drives Brazilians in wherever direction powerful hands want them to go. This wouldn't be their first time on this business. Globo is the only staying power.

For the first time since I could cast a vote I didn't. (BTW, in Brasil you have to vote, no choice.) Could I have changed anything?

Lula has PCC, Globo and the poor on his side. What else does he want?

Save the poor? Oh, yes give them fish. No way to catch them. Keep them leashed.

Poor is being kept poor for a reason. Lula is only keeping alive the long tradition of Coronels. What about education?

Even if that's all that is said to be happening. It is only a front for more corruption. How much of the Federal money is really trickling down to those asking hands?

In a country in dire need of individuation, to use the ignorance of the masses for its own benefit is a lot worse than being dirt.

But won't be far fetched to imagine militares and students changing the country before an impossible civil war ensues. I wonder what Paulo Francis would see coming.

Lula divides Brazil in winning poor States and losing rich States. Feed the hunger of your poor. But don't give them a way to make a living. Now lets watch the MST and the PCC throwing their parties. And see who will foot the bill.

When would I ever imagine that a 1964 in 2007 wouldn't be such a bad idea.

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Fabio said...

I agree with you 100%, being a Venezuelan, having a mother from Brasil.
I feel that the same will be happening in Venezuela, regarding December's elections.
it is unfortunate that the politicians for a long time paved the road that has brought us to this end.
It is sad, very sad.