Saturday, October 07, 2006

LBS week wrap-up

deCarta's developers conference was a great way to learn about the mapping ecosystem.

So not to repeat it all, take in short form that if your business plan needs money to implement a project that for its survival depends on phone carries, rethink your plan.

Or better, just really scrap it. If carriers have a say in it at all.

Just forget them. They decided to lock their platform to exclusive partnerships closing it to most inovattive business. Need argument? When will they let mobile games happen? What about location-based games?

But if you really want to try, it seems that Networks in Motion and their NavBuilder development platform found a way in (at least through Verizon).

Tellus got lucky with their J2ME implementation turned in VZ Navigator.

You can try your luck with TeleAtlas LBS Innovators Series backed by DowJones Wireless Ventures.

Carriers Lock-in

This blog has been pointing out about API restrictions for a while now.

Carrier should learn to be flexible through the fate of those companies that decided to stop at the middle of the innovation road. Phone carriers should realize the true meaning of the growing level of VOIP adoption.

For example, Sprint could start by making the Blackberry 7520 and others that includes GPS and can run Java and its Location API an open platform for developers. Why not give it a try?

As I already mentioned VC's also say that LBS should be integrated as part of something else, a feature. Not an application per se.

Free Content?

On the major event play watch out for Google and Microsoft as obvious as that may sound. In their current fight for digital imagery content where Microsoft (and it seems Google too) have exclusive rights over satellite content from DigitalGlobe.

GeoEye seems to be the place to go look for satellite imagery.

By exclusive I mean this contract doesn't allow free distribution through channels or anyone else that might try to access it for free. Only business, or paid consumers can have access to the content.

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