Friday, October 27, 2006

Fair enough: News

The new P903i from Panasonic offer some interesting new features now available to NTTDoCoMo subscribers. This article from AP, mentions that if lost "the user can track it with its onboard GPS. After entering the phone number into a Web site, the owner will see a map showing the phone's rough location". It also seems to only work for its owner plus other security features.

Spot from Skylab [Mobilesystems Ltd.] is now available for Blackberries. In fact more than those. Also smartphones and all. I tried Spot on the little i415 and PPC. The PPC version didn't quite made it, gets no GPS support or it would become freebie.

If you got a Bluetooth GPS receiver around might be worth to invest some time on their products.

Also, iST Inteliggent Spatial is trying to grab someone's attention and interess on their work producing LBS Frameworks, among other deliverables. If you got the money, they deserve your time too. Check their "iPointer™ Campus tour at the University of Maine in Orono".

Taiwan is looking past Sirf chipsets for (cheap) mainstream models production. Time for the second place to show up. [Update: Looks like u-blox is taking it.]

Sony came up with "gesture commands" on the UV-N51. By crossing the screen with your finger you can get directions to home or closest POI from an available (user defined) list. First at TrustedReviews.

And call for papers for the GPS World Conference programmed for June 11-13, 2007 in Rosemont, Illinois. Deadline for submission: Dec 6th.

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